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Suchandra Banerjee
The Best of the lot!

We've tried others and I can say that this service is the best, hands down. Love the dishes, love the presentation. There's real effort and you can see it! Thank you for the amazing cooking.

Sajjad Haider
As claimed, it was not sufficient for the whole week BECAUSE we finished it in just two days…!

Excellent quality of Desi food. I got it for a week but the dishes were so delicious that “they” could not sustain the test of time. Thank you and thanks to the person who had recommended your name.
If honesty, quality and hard work are combined in any business, it is bound to go up.
However, the famous humorist Shafiq-ur-Rehman writes:
“Pakistani bachay bahaut achay hotay hai’n, magar afsose Keh Barray ho jatay hain”. (Pakistani children are very fine but sadly, they grow up). …. [Please don’t take it seriously, and do remember that it was written and being quoted as a humour only.]
So, please don’t let it happen. Only the quality and variety should grow up.
By the way the curb side Gup-Shup was a bonus. So, additional thanks.

Sajjad, Waterloo.

Sando Pellissery
Home Cooked Healthy Food

We ordered the weekly package and loved it, we were looking for home cooked food and that's exactly what we got .. we didn't want very rich, oily food - just basic everyday nutritious food - couldn't have asked for more! Will surely try more stuff from their menu

Mushtari Chowdhury
Excellent Customer Service

Thank you once again HouseCook. Delicious food, great delivery and excellent customer service 💯

Sabrina Ahsan
Excellent home cooked healthy food

Amazing personalized service. HomeCook food go above and beyond to provide food that tastes just like Mom’s cooking. Not at all like all other cookie cutter restaurant where they use the same curry sauce for all the items. They are a gem servicing the area. Thank you for the five star service.