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Loved the lasagna!

My sister shared some lasagna from Housecook with me and I must say it was one of the best lasagna I've ever had! So juicy, not too spicy - just the perfect blend of flavors! I think I might have gobbled 80% of that thing in one sitting only! Definitely a must try from all of Housecook's variety.


Having housecook deliver my meals the past few weeks has been such a pleasure. The food has consistently been delicious - You can definitely tell it's prepared fresh right before they deliver. Everything is cooked excellently which was a concern I had with meats. The food has come consistently at around the same times on Sunday. it's also fantastic that every week is different. I don't check the menu beforehand and am always surprised at the incredible dishes that they cook up. Highly HIGHLY recommend

Amazing food and amazing human beings

It's been almost a month that I have ordering food for my brother, and since the day he received his first food delivery, our lives have become so peaceful. This is because he is a student with zero knowledge of cooking food, and his past 7 months in Canada were difficult as far as his meals were concerned. House cooks has been a blessing for our whole family. They cook delicious food, their portion size is good, and most of all, their customer service is excellent. There was recently an incident in which my brother's food got stolen ( due to some misunderstanding) and he had mid terms, and the people at house cooks were kind enough to deliver him his weekly menu again.......and that too free of charge. It's not always about the money, it's the thought and care that counts, and I'm very thankful to them for this sweet act of theirs.....they are an example that kindness still exists in this world. Thank you so much house cook team.....may you always prosper !

Nothing short of a blessing!

My husband and I are grateful for housecook's impeccable service! We've been trying the weekly menu for a while now and we love everything; the menu, quality of food, the packaging and their customer service. Thank you team for consistently delivering perfection!


The food was amazing and fresh. Way to go HouseCook team. Kudos!!