Sunday delivery between 4-8pm

How many servings is each dish?

All dishes are double serving based on average customer feedback. We do offer different serving sizes. On average, regular is for 2 people, large for 3 people and tray for 4-5 people.

What is the delivery charge?

Only $3.95 for all cities!

When is the last day to order?

The last day to place an order is by midnight on Saturday. If you would like to order after, please contact us. 

How many times a week is delivery?

All dishes are cooked completely fresh using no premade ingredients on Sunday morning and delivered on Sunday evening.

What is the spice level?

All dishes are a medium spice level.

Can I order something not on the menu?

To maintain maximum freshness and quality, only menu dishes are cooked each week. The menu changes every week and always includes a variety of dishes. If you have suggestions for dishes, we would love to incorporate them, please email us using our contact form.

Is there any minimum order?

No, there is no minimum order.