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Healthy, Flavourful and Delicious Items for Your Workplace!

Canada's Most Diverse Company Leading the Way for Healthy Meals

Sustainable Living

HouseCook aims to provide individuals with fresh, healthy and nourishing meals using locally harvested ingredients and packaged in environmentally friendly material to implement a sustainable lifestyle.

Woman Founded

The company was founded in 2019 by Maryam Asmat with the goal of promoting homestyle and healthy meals so individuals can enjoy flavourful and delicious dishes with only fresh and healthy ingredients added. HouseCook has since catered for renown companies such as HSBC, POWER-tek Global Inc., and Admission Advisors, amongst others. The company also offers healthy weekly meal services, delivering to over 20 cities across Ontario.

What HouseCook Offers

HouseCook produces and delivers meals using the most efficient and environmentally-friendly methods. The company caters for individuals by providing freshly cooked and healthy meals, snacks, breakfast, beverages, and dessert options. HouseCook consistently inspires the community to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Meals

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Talented and Diverse Team

The HouseCook team consists of high qualified and talented individuals. From the chef to the customer service reprsentative, the team is skilled and experienced in their specific field of work to ensure the best quality and service is offered.

Environmentally friendly packaging

HouseCook uses compostable and biodegradable packaging to deliver healthy meal options

Community Service

HouseCook values giving back to the community!

Serving Meals to York Regional Police

Catering for Corporate Charity Events


Reviews from:

"HouseCook has been serving our staff since 2020. They provide excellent service while ensuring our employees receive delicious meals"

POWER-tek Global Inc.

"As a company that believes in supporting diverse businesses, we are so glad we chose HouseCook to deliver meals to our students! They have a fantastic team and always exceed expectations!"

Admission Advisors

"For our charity event, we wanted to work with a company that was able to offer a large variety of food options as we had attendees from many different backgrounds. They not only delivered different dishes, they also ensured they were healthy. Definitely recommend!"