Sunday delivery between 4-8pm

The HouseCook Story

HouseCook started in December 2019 as a family business. The head chef (one of the founders) loved cooking and her kids loved her food so much, they thought others must try it! The founders simply started cooking and delivering fresh homemade food to their family and friends who had busy schedules and no time to cook. They realized their family and friends wanted fresh, Halal, flavourful homemade food. They wanted food that had very little oil and was not overly spicy. They wanted to minimize eating out and ordering take-out from restaurants. These individuals simply wanted "ghar ka khaana" ("homemade food") daily and a variety of dishes delivered to them in the comfort of their homes. HouseCook has served hundreds of households fresh and delicious homestyle food across various cities in Ontario.



We ordered the weekly package and loved it, we were looking for home cooked food and that's exactly what we got .. we didn't want very rich, oily food - just basic everyday nutritious food - couldn't have asked for more! Will surely try more stuff from their menu

Sando Pellissery

Amazing personalized service. HomeCook food go above and beyond to provide food that tastes just like Mom’s cooking. Not at all like all other cookie cutter restaurant where they use the same curry sauce for all the items. They are a gem servicing the area. Thank you for the five star service.

Sabrina Ahsan

I tried housecook for the first time last week, and honestly the food was delicious. Medium spice, no excess oil and cooked just like we do at home. The communication was flawless with the team and so was delivery. Thank you Housecook.

Anita A.

Housecook is a life saver for me. I am single and currently live by myself. I don't know how to cook. Its great to get fresh food for such a low price. My mom used to cook similar food, very little oil and that's what i love. Please continue the good work.

Muhammad Shehryar