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HouseCook Events - Catering for Every Occasion

HouseCook Events - Catering for Every Occasion

Sep 08, 2022


Erum Yameen

HouseCook has launched its very own catering service - “HouseCook Events”, which aims to provide high-quality, fresh and delicious dishes to make your event an exceptional experience for you and your guests! HouseCook is known for its halal Pakistani/Indian homemade weekly meal delivery service across various cities in Ontario. It is trusted for bringing comfort and ease to many households and individuals by freeing them from doing day to day grocery and cooking. Now the good news is that HouseCook has got you covered! You can serve home-cooked delicious food with the same taste and quality to your friends, family, and special guests on important occasions. 


Catering Menus Appropriate for Any Occasion

Whether you would like to celebrate a wedding, corporate event or any milestone that deserves a celebration, HouseCook Events can make your day effortless and memorable for you. Therefore, HouseCook, Toronto based catering company, carefully designed packages suitable for every type of event, so that you can fully enjoy the festivities of your occasion without having to worry about prepping, cooking, and serving all by yourself or searching for authentic vendors which you can rely on. HouseCook offers wedding catering services, corporate catering services, small party catering and more with pre-set menus. If you want a highly customized menu, you can also make requests for specific dishes. HouseCook not only offers Indian/Pakistani halal catering but continental or mediterranean dishes can also be chosen.

The best part is that HouseCook Events provide catering service for as low as 25 people and there are two main categories based on serving style, you can choose the best one that befits your occasion. In addition to that, you can add on special and unique items, such as appetizers and drinks from the ADD-ON section.


  1. Individual Boxes
  2. Buffet


Individual Boxes

This is a convenient and stress-free catering solution for guests to grab-and-go. Perfect for corporate events like workshops or seminars where you can focus on planning other details of events without having to worry about setting up and serving food which can consume a lot of time and effort. 

It is also best for picnics and other types of events, such as birthday parties, informal gatherings, or religious events in which you want individually packed food items for each guest/attendee. Everyone can have their own box of meals and there will be no mess for you to clean afterward! 

Moreover, our individual boxes packed with freshly cooked food are ideal for distribution purposes in case you want to send over food in your neighborhood or to friends and family on account of any special occasion or ceremony. This saves you from cooking and packing meals all by yourself. Simply place an order at and the delicious boxes of food will be delivered right to the doorstep of your house or venue. 

There are two menus for the boxes:

  1. Non-vegetarian
  2. Vegetarian

Non-vegetarian is a perfect pick for those who love chicken items, it has one rice dish, one BBQ item and one side dish. You can add all these three items or you can pick one or two dishes for your box.

Vegetarian menu is curated especially for people who don't eat meat! This menu includes one rice dish, one vegetable dish and a side dish.

The best part of this package is that you can mix and match both menus and customize individual boxes suitable for your guests by adding dishes from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu, this will add more variety to your boxes. 


Buffet catering is perfect for weddings, large events or even intimate gatherings where you want the food to be beautifully presented for your guests! Delicious dishes will be prepared fresh and served hot for a colorful and unique buffet. You can also request  complete catering setup from HouseCook to serve your customers in chafing dishes and have servers assist you with your event so you can relax during your special occasions. 

In this category, there are 3 amazing packages based on per head charges that you can choose from according to your budget starting from just $10.99 per person. Each package allows you to design your own menu from the available options. 

Here are the complete details of these packages:

Package 1 is extremely pocket friendly, you can pick your desired item from each category of Rice (Chicken), Chicken Curry, Vegetable/Legume Curry, and Dessert. You will be saving big time with this package as per person cost is $10.99 only! 

Package 2 gives you more options in each category of Rice, Curry, Vegetable/Legume Curry, and Dessert. In this package, you do get a variety of meat options, which are Chicken and Veal. You can plan your package from a list of different delicious dishes. The cost of this package is $12.99 per person. 

Package 3 comes with an additional category of BBQ items which means in this package you can order 5 dishes that are Rice (Chicken/Veal), Curry (Chicken/Veal), BBQ (Chicken), Vegetable/Legume Curry, and Dessert with even more options to pick from. This package is not only ideal for events like weddings, receptions, or any formal/informal event with a large number of guests but also for small intimate functions in which you want a diverse menu to enhance the charm of your event. This package will cost you $15.99 per person.

You just have to order your desired package and the table will be set for you and your guests. We'll make sure everything is presentable in the best manner!


Any event is incomplete with delicious and unique appetizers, special items and refreshing drinks. Thats why add-ons are as important as the main course. You can make your event stand out with HouseCook’s selection of unique items, make sure to add them to your cart while placing order, don’t forget to select the quantity as per your guest list.  

How to Order at HouseCook

The ordering procedure is very similar to placing a regular order, all you have to do is to select your desired package, select the number of guests, add on any item of your liking and add everything to the cart, then proceed to the checkout enter your event date, provide name and venue address and make payment as normal. Viola! Your order is successfully placed. 

1. Visit then click ORDER > Event Catering


2. Scroll down to your desired menu, INDIVIDUAL BOXES, BUFFET, ADD-ONS

3. For INDIVIDUAL BOXES:  Choose the desired category, pick dishes, and select the number of guests (min 25) then click Add to Cart


4. For BUFFET:

    1. Choose package
    2. Select the number of guests (min 25)
    3. Choose dishes from the drop-down menu in each category
    4. Click Add to Cart

5. For ADD-ONS: Choose your desired add-on(s), select the number of guests (minimum 25) and click Add to Cart on each add-on



    6. Once everything is added to the cart, click the Shopping Cart icon on the top right corner, review your order items and the number of quantities, select your event date from the drop-down menu, then click Proceed to Checkout.




    7. Fill in your details and click Continue to Shipping



    8. Your order will be received by HouseCook and will be delivered fresh to your doorstep!

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