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HouseCook's Chef cooking homemade Pakistani and Indian food

Why HouseCook?


Waking up early, getting ready to work, working for several hours, then figuring out what to have for dinner is a schedule most follow in Canada. Those who plan ahead often meal prep on weekends to save time on weekdays. Students, adults, and families often find it difficult to cook healthy and delicious food that is also traditional and authentic. This is something HouseCook aims to help with. HouseCook provides fresh and delicious traditional Pakistani and Indian homestyle food (just like home made food) delivery to your doorstop. Since 2019, HouseCook has been helping individuals save time while being able to enjoy authentic and delicious food.


Nihari is a traditional Pakistani and Indian halal food


Why not cook yourself?

Individuals often think it will save time and money if they just continue watching recipes and attempting to cook dishes following recipes on Pinterest or Instagram. However, what they don't realize is how much time the entire process takes from purchasing the groceries to cooking to washing the dishes. HouseCook simplifies the process by delivering fresh and delicious halal food to your doorstep at prices as low as your weekly groceries! 


Is it really homestyle (just like homemade food)?

Yes! All dishes are cooked just like you would cook at home - with minimal oil, the most fresh ingredients and a perfect level of spice. No premade ingredients are used and everything is cooked on delivery day. Even fresh meat is purchased the same morning! 

Chef cooking traditional Pakistani and Indian home made food


Why HouseCook?

HouseCook is different than any other tiffin service provider because it is truly homestyle food- it is not restaurant style in any way. That's why there is a chef-curated delicious menu every week with a variety of Pakistani and Indian dishes on the menu- because everything is cooked completely fresh on delivery day. Nothing is frozen and only high quality-ingredients are used. All dishes are then packaged with love and delivered to your doorstop.

Happy customer eating traditional Pakistani halal food


How do you Order With HouseCook?

To provide maximum convenience to customers, the menu is listed online at Customers can choose a monthly package, a full regular weekly meal plan or just their favourite dishes from the menu. After the order is placed, the delicious dishes are delivered on the respective delivery day.


Does Anything Have to be Done After Delivery?

No - all you have to do is heat each dish (in the microwave safe and reusable containers) and enjoy!

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