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How to Reap the Benefits of Ramadan by Outsourcing Cooking to a Meal Delivery Company

To make the most of this beautiful month, Muslims all over the world plan ahead. The process of preparing traditional iftar or suhoor items for the family includes tremendous excitement. Suhoor refers to the time before dawn when individuals eat food to keep the fast and iftar refers to the time after sunset when food is eaten to break the fast. Ramadan is not the same for everyone, many individuals have very tough schedules and wish to prepare large iftars (a meal to break the fast) but due to hectic work hours are unable to do so. That is where HouseCook steps in to help make Ramadan and food preparation easier with delicious and freshly cooked homestyle dishes. The Ramadan menu includes delicious items such as chaat papri, club sandwiches, samosa chaat and more! HouseCook not only offers iftar dishes but also suhoor dishes so that you don’t have to prepare a meal when you wake up to keep your fast. All dishes are cooked completely fresh and delivered to your door.

 Solution for Delicious Food Cravings

People who have moved from Asian or Muslims countries terribly miss the excitement and wholesomeness of Ramadan. They miss the suhoor and traditional iftar items they used to have. That is exactly why outsourcing cooking to a meal prep company helps. You can always rely on HouseCook to satisfy your food cravings while ensuring the dishes are prepared fresh and cooked using minimal oil. HouseCook also has new drinks every week to keep up the Ramadan spirit. Having the same traditional Pakistani desi taste with 100% authentic and halal ingredients, HouseCook maintains freshness in every dish. HouseCook aims to deliver freshly cooked homestyle food in the most reasonable and affordable budget. Thus it is undoubtedly a blessing for many families and students who cannot manage to cook traditional and tasteful homemade meals on a regular basis.

Balancing Work and Fasting

When we talk about working and fasting, a normal day in Ramadan starts around 4 am in the morning and the fast is opened in the evening after sunset. The typical lifestyle in Canada is already quite hectic for those who are working or studying. In this case, cooking by yourself becomes a serious chore because coming home after a long day and preparing iftar can require a lot of effort. HouseCook brings you the joy of simply getting fresh homestyle meals delivered to your doorstep. To further make it convenient and save time, HouseCook offers weekly and monthly meal plans (tiffin service) so that there is no need to spend countless hours thinking about what to cook for suhoor or iftar. As a result, you can save your time and invest it in achieving all the goodness and blessings out of this month and spending time with family and friends.


No Compromise on Health

While fasting, it is necessary to take care of your health and ensure you consume nutritious dishes and keep yourself hydrated. It is important to balance junk food and fried items with healthy and nutritious dishes. Instead of opting for junk food and deep fried snacks everyday for iftar, it is important to balance out meals with healthy ingredients. Healthy and tasteful dishes that are enriched with nutrients are vital to the human body. At the end of the day, it is important to be healthy and active in order to take the maximum benefit of this month by performing chores with additional prayers. HouseCook also offers a completely healthy meal plan with low-calorie and low-carb dishes; HouseCook Fresh. So as a helping hand, HouseCook is there for you, delivering healthy and fresh meals. Well-balanced menus are offered for the whole week so you can enjoy the goodness of this month by being relaxed and healthy.

Sharing Food in Ramadan

Ramadan is all about sharing food and helping one another to get the maximum level of soul enrichment. HouseCook provides this quick and easy option where one can gift delicious desi homemade dishes by having them delivered to their loved ones to make their day as special as they are, not only in Ramadan but throughout the year. In Ramadan specifically, delicious homemade dishes such as samosas and dahi bhallay can be delivered as a gift.


Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is not just a religious practice, it has a lot of other benefits that are backed by science. Fasting can help with the prevention of various health issues such as high cholesterol, high-blood pressure, heart disease, digestive issues and obesity. Fasting has also been proven to improve mental health and reduce depression and anxiety. Throughout the whole month, fasting allows one’s body to remove harmful toxins and develop new blood cells, thereby boosting the immune system.

Lastly, Ramadan is just a month of a year but every year it comes to make everyone’s routine more practical and gives the realization to reset priorities and lifestyles. It is clear that fasting does not only help with spiritual and religious improvement but also to shape one’s lifestyle into a very healthy one.

The HouseCook team looks forward to serving you healthy and delicious food to help you celebrate this holy occasion with your loved ones.

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