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HouseCook Fresh - Healthy Meal Delivery Canada

HouseCook Fresh - Healthy & Delicious Food

Jun 15, 2021

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Bilal Iqbal

We never let our customers feedback and input go unheard. Our customers are our biggest asset and we always take into account our customers' preferences when choosing ingredients, designing recipes and delivering food. The inception of HouseCook Fresh stems from the idea of providing delicious yet healthy homestyle food to our customers. On repeated requests from our customers, we are delighted to introduce a complete healthy menu that will include dishes that are healthy and also taste great! 


Healthy Dinner Ideas

For many people, eating healthy doesn’t relate to tasty food and preparing healthy food can be a chore. When we are surrounded with glorious karahi, nihari, and foods with plenty of oil and spices, why would one bother to eat healthier food? At HouseCook, we have worked hard to offer chef crafted healthy dishes to turn our customers’ requests into reality. We believe that eating healthy should not only be for the sake of good health but eating healthy should also mean eating delicious.

If you did not know where to begin with to get healthy food choices that have a unique touch of Pakistani/Indian food – HouseCook Fresh has gathered all its expertise to introduce fresh and healthy yet very delicious recipes. Our recipes will definitely make you want to incorporate our healthy dishes in your orders and they will also make you feel good eating better.

Healthy Meal Prep

At HouseCook Fresh, we believe that switching to a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be a tough choice. You don’t have to eliminate foods you enjoy as we follow the same principles of fresh, and high quality fresh ingredients in all our foods with minimal oil, unlike many restaurant style food providers. At HouseCook Fresh, we have planned our healthy dishes in a way that will give you a smooth, wholesome and enjoyable experience.

Halal Meal Delivery Service Healthy Food

When you are eating healthy food, think of your food in terms of color, variety, freshness and taste. We pledge to provide all these things to our customers in one single box at a very reasonable price. We like to give charge to our customers as if they are cooking their food at home. We avoid preprocessed ingredients, chemical additives, and unhealthy fats. Last but not least, we are trying to make our planet a better place to live by incorporating more recyclable packaging. We are really excited to introduce our healthy line and be more caring for our customers.

1 comment
  • Awais Ali

    I am so glad coming across I made the right and best to take their services for healthy meals and desi Pakistani food loved it alot. Home away from home is the feeling we got the food is delicious freshly cooked and packing was outstanding as well!

    The delivery was fantastic too on time and the information about delivery on emails were phenomenal overall experience was seemless.

    Thank you once again Amna, Irum and Aisha for the outstanding customer service and support.


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